Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you partner with just any agent?

A. No, we do not believe in the practice of partnering with just any agent and then seeing who makes it.
We are looking for agents who are serious about growing their businesses and who want a strong partner to help them reach their goals with our tremendous support and knowledge.

Q. How can you afford to be so generous and helping agents with their lead costs?
 We do not have presidents, CEOs, expensive office leases, or high overhead costs to pay. Therefore, we are able to apply those savings towards the most important expense in your business; Leads.

Q. What types of leads are available?
A. Our lead vendors currently provide online, live transfer, direct mail and telemarketing leads.

QIsn't there an advantage working with a company that has a local office?
A.  In today's day and age of technology, it is not necessary. All you need is a phone and internet connection. Besides, reporting to an office everyday can take the joy of being your own boss and self-employed.

Q. Is there ongoing training?

A. Absolutely. We have weekly training calls. Tips from top agents, updates, contests, latest technology and more. Plus agents can request one on one training for phone and or face to face presentation skills. 

Q. Do you overwhelm your agents with phone calls and emails?

A.  Absolutely not. Our partnering agents are self-employed professionals. We provide them with a directory of support. Agents also can access our 24/7 webinars and training we make available to them.

Q. Is there an training material or administrative cost to partner with your organization? 
A. No, there is never any training or administrative cost if we decide to partner with you.

Q. Any opportunities of building a team with your organization?

A.  Definitely. Due to our tremendous growth, we are always on the look out for agents interested in building a team to help others succeed. Agents that are interested, have the opportunity to build a team of agents across the United States.

Q. What does it take to be a Team Builder on your team?
A. A Team Builder must be a proven producer in Final expense business, so they can pass their successful knowledge on to a new or struggling agent.

Q.How long does it take to become a Team Builder with your team?
A. An agent can become a Team Builder in as little as a 30 days.

Q. What if I have someone interested in joining your organization, & don't want to grow a team?

A. That's O.K. We have a very strong referral program if we end up partnering with an agent referred by another agent. 

Q. How am I paid?
A.  Whether you are a Agent or Team Builder, you are always paid directly from the insurance carriers. 

This ensures that you will always be paid in a timely manner and that your income is never held up.

Q. If I ever decide to leave your organization, will you release me from the insurance carriers?
A. Absolutely. We will release you as soon as possible, as long as you are in good standing and have no outstanding debt. We never want to keep you from making an income for yourself and your family.

Q. If I left the organization, will you keep my future commissions and renewals?
A. Absolutely not. If you leave, your business and future commissions leave with you. You earned it.

Q. If I am currently appointed with any of the companies that you represent, would I need a release from the organization I am with now?

A. Yes. Without a release, it would prevent us from being able to partner with you.

Q. What's my next step to see if there is an opportunity available where I live?

A.  Press the red "Apply Here" button at the top of the page, and answer the questions that follow. 

A representative from our organization will contact you soon to set up a phone interview.