Timing and Opportunity For Agents

Free Exclusive Membership For Clients

Our Benefits


  • Free Lead/Matching Lead programs: Generous Lead Support for agents
  • Telesales platform: A very simple and effective way of helping clients and reduce your driving time
  • Free Live Transfer leads:  Available to agents who prove themselves as a consistent producer
  • ​Team Building Opportunities: Agents wanting to help other agents across the U.S. be successful
  • 24/7 Online University Training:  Sales tips, scripts, training books/CDs available at no cost

  • 24/7 Webinars: 24/7 Training available to fit your schedule, and not someone else's.

  • Free Exclusive Membership: View Legacy Safeguard  video below

  • Attainable Contests: Prizes that include exotic trips, iPads, TVs, Gift Cards & more
  • Weekly Training Calls: Hear from your top peers, get updates, tips and contests
  • Back office support: Send in your applications for scrubbing to expedite the approval process
  • A Team focused on helping you succeed and always looking out for your best interest​