"They really mean it when they say how much they want you to succeed."

- Stewart B.

"I've never felt like I was alone in my endeavors since joining their team."

- Dan T.


​"I have been doing final expense insurance for over six years. I have been with a few other marketing organizations early in my career, and none can compare with Umamoto & Associates. They stand by what they say they will do for their agents, stated under the Our Promises and Our Benefits tabs. Most organizations say they will help, but in the end, they don't. I like the fact that UA is always looking at technology in helping me and other agents grow their business. I have recently learned telesales through UA, and their technology platform is amazing. I was able to write over 250 applications with the financial help with leads and support from Umamoto & Associates in 2016. In 2017, I am confident I will write over 300 applications with their continued help with leads and technology! I am grateful to be part of a super team at Umamoto & Associates for over five years now."
Jeff T.

"Umamoto & Associates is a great organization to be a part of. The support staff and products are the best. I have never experienced an organization so knowledgeable and always willing to assist when I need help. Grateful to be a part of a great team!"
Gilda B.

"I would like to tell anyone interested in this career to research Umamoto & Associates. They are honest and helpful, and they really mean it when they say how much they want you to succeed. I have had a great experience working with them, and believe me when I say I have worked with other organizations that did not live up to their promises. This organization does. I would highly recommend this fine organization to anyone interested in taking their business seriously."
Stewart B.

"I have been very impressed by the support and genuine desire to constantly find lead sources for their agents and help their agents succeed. They are above board and honest. I also like the fact that we have someone that can scrub the apps before going to the carrier, reducing any delays once the carrier gets it. Commission levels enable the agent to make a great living. I would recommend Umamoto & Associates to any agent, and I'm looking forward to a successful 2017!"
Aprill W.
North Carolina

"I've been with Umamoto & Associates for almost two years, and what I like is how they look at my business, the area I’m in, and help me build a plan specific to my needs and my challenges. I've never felt like I was alone in my endeavors since joining their team, and that keeps me plugging away and always improving. The Monday calls give us the latest updates, tips from our peers and contests. It is all agent-centered and keeps you focused! Great people… Great team!"
Dan T.

"I have been a partner with Umamoto & Associates now for many years. One of my favorite things UA does is that they include the agents in their growth. The agent training and hands on approach, the online training, and the incentives are all there for the agents. I am very happy with our partnership with Umamoto & Associates and look forward to many years with them."
Nate D.

"Umamoto and Associates compared to others with whom I've worked are outstanding because of the support that they give the agents. They help you the best with  the three most  important keys to success in selling Final Expense which are leads, leads and leads. They give you financial support with quality lead sources for whether you want to sell in the field or over the phone. Every lead source is exclusive to us and many ​come ​in real time. They also only select top notch carriers, which makes me 100% confident when I present to a potential clients. They have great back office support, in which helps me get applications approved faster and so I get paid faster. We live or die by the leads we get and Umamoto & Associates are always on the look out for the best quality leads​ for us. Most importantly, I appreciate on how they conduct business on an Honest level.

Thank you Umamoto & Associates for all the support you have given me through the years."
Wil G.

"I've been partnering  with Umamoto and Associates for 18 months. The experience I've received during this time has exceeded my expectation. Umamoto and Associated focus on creating an environment to succeed based on strong work ethics and working together as a team. To support this concept, weekly conference calls are conducted to maintain communications, information sharing and tips from top agents.

In addition, their cost sharing program on "leads" ensures us a potential client base to assist people with their Final Expense needs.  The main focus is always doing what is in the best interest of our client.

That would include, only working with a few top insurance carriers​ and making sure we are always be honest with our clients. Our support staff does an outstanding job ​in helping us by double checking our applications in which expedites the application process. Good for my clients and good for me regarding my pay.

We succeed because we have Great Leadership and Great Staff that work well​ together."
Pat I.